Tri-state area visual fine artist specializing in conceptual contemporary artwork.

Nick C. Kirk works in an array of traditional and contemporary methods of drawing, sculpting, printmaking, and painting, but is now focusing on installation and interactive works that push the boundaries into contemporary mediums. Visually, Nick’s work is anything but traditional, as he juxtaposes imagery from mass production, the world of advertising, and pop culture. The artist often draws his visual language from the commercials preserved in childhood nostalgia or ripped from the 24-hour news cycle. He uses scale and contradiction to highlight opinions that often go unquestioned. Nick seeks to deliver an experience that engages his audience, with a dose of cynicism sprinkled with irony and taken with a spoonful of humor. In the end, Nick asks the audience to question the status quo of society—to confront the compliance of culture and current affairs, and he uses the vibrant mass-media visual aesthetic to do so.

Current series include: Subway Sleepers (Coming this Fall), Anti-Trump Campaign (Started 2016), Just Nudes – Self Portraits (Coming this Fall), Look.Sit.Listen.Enjoy. (Coming December)

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