“Zuckerborg” coming this October at New York Comic Con 2018

My latest piece “Zuckerborg” will be released as an exclusive at this years New York Comic Con October 4-7 2018 at the DKE Toys booth.  It is a 5″ custom figure on 10″ full color backer card (with figure profile on the back for those who like to read.)  Only 20 pieces made (including variants.)

Mark Zuckerberg made the news for being questioned by the senate about American’s information being sold and traded to 3rd parties by Facebook.  How could I resist making a figure about this important time in social media history.. It was an easy call to mash up Mark Zuckerberg with Star Trek’s infamous data enthusiasts, the Borg.  If you don’t know the nerdy and ironic history of the Borg.. just google it.

Seriously though, data is probably the most wanted and valuable commodity right now.  Know what information you’re giving away to big business sites such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber, etc.  Know where your information is going, who it’s sold to and how it’s used. Google and Facebook account for most of the revenue growth in digital advertising in America.  ..and knowing is half the battle!


Enjoy the promo video below!


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